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India’s most popular and widely used Business Management Software

With a strong research and development division, Tally strives to deliver innovation and excellence in enterprise resource planning software for small and medium businesses.

Solutions to Everyday Business

Tally believes in the power of technology to make business owners efficient, empowered and happier, so they can focus on what matters most for their business.

Tally has dedicated last 30+ years to make Technology more useful and beneficial for small and medium businesses. Tally provides solutions to your everyday business problems that make your life easier while helping you grow your business.

What is TSS?

Tally Software Services (TSS) is a software subscription for a collection of services which add great value to your Tally.ERP 9 by giving you the latest developments in technology and statutory laws.

Continuous product upgrades and Updates, connectivity driven functionalities such as online data exchange between your branches, remote access, seamless banking and payment services and much more, enhance your business performance by leaps and bounds.

Server-based Data Architecture

Tally.Server 9 offers powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. This server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Tally.Server 9 is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiencies.

Run Tally.ERP9 from cloud anywhere, anytime, any OS and any device

Benefits of Tally working on Cloud.

Using cloud technology, now you can access your Tally software anywhere, anytime and on any device regardless of OS. We provide the best in class security, safety & stability that has made us one of India’s best Tally on Cloud services. So start using the cloud for your Tally now!

No need of Local Servers, Zero Maintenance cost, No license cost

Liberate yourself from the hassles of buying, managing and upgrading servers and desktops. Host Tally on Cloud to run Tally & other office applications; anytime, anywhere using any device.

Business Growth App for Tally Users

Biz Analyst is a mobile application that gives real time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 installation.

Multiple Reports, dashboard and graphs allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings or out on the road. Biz Analyst is not only for CEO and other senior management of the company but for everyone who uses tally data while on the move.

Just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an iPhone or Android platform, you can count on Biz Analyst to give you information you need.

Do you know that Tally Functionality can be extended to suit your unique business needs?

Tally is not only an application, but also a complete development environment which enables the programmers to build extensions, customizations and integrations using Tally Definition Language (TDL).

The default Tally ERP 9 is packed with powerful functionalities & features which would address the requirements of most of the businesses. However, Business Growth demands change in business processes, securities & controls, Management Information Systems (MIS), automation at various levels, integration of different functions & software. This leads to unique business requirements which are required to be incorporated into the standard Tally software.

ERP Configuration

When you configure an ERP system, you’re essentially setting the ERP’s “options”. This might sound easy, but there are A LOT of options and it really helps to have advanced knowledge of an ERP system’s inner workings before configuring them to work in a certain way. ERP partners also have a ton of experience mapping your business requirements to your system confinguration.

Our Implementation services are primarily the process of configuring standard features of Tally to suit the needs of your business.

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